Membership of our Executive Committee is on a three year rolling programme, with the option of re-election at the end of this term. Elections take place at our Annual General Meeting in June each year.
Comittee Members

Our Executive Committee is currently made up of 12 elected members, 1 representative from the City Council as follows:

Cliff Walker, MBE, DL, Chair

Rizwan Rahemtulla, Vice Chair

Eddie Smy, Treasurer

Javed Ahmed - on sabbatical till March 2015

Alison Davies

Tim Cox

Nazim Khan

Hasina Majothi

Andy Beeby

Brian Gascoyne

Raja G Ali

Ratilal Joshi

Harmesh Lakhanpaul, OBE

We currently have two part time members of staff:

Mahebub Ladha (MJ) - Director

Geoff Johnson - Finance Officer

Additional volunteers include Mostyn Davies, Chair, Education Working Group.